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The Bridge To Success serves as a bridge to facilitate the academic and education exchanges mainly between USA and China.

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As a Pioneer in global education consulting, the Bridge to Success LLC delivers the services from global intern and job placement to student recruitment, from partnering with higher education to public school district.

Global Jobs/Intern

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This is an opportunity which will broaden one’s vision,    skillset and create infinite opportunities for his/her future.

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Visiting Scholar

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This opportunity offers a chance to define your vision       about the world, explore the lifestyle of another country, and achieve academically.

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Oversea Study

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Overseas Study advances your vision about the world,    your education for greatness and your future of unlimited possibilities.

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Why us?

An insight and enlightened global international education leader with a team of multicultural background, uplifted by elite education both from East and West and instilled with a globally strategic vision, strives to give schools, faculty and students unparalleled opportunities across the globe.


Years Experience

Over four decades of experience from Middle School to Higher Education, from China to USA.


Success Cases

More than 2000 students were recruited to USA, from High School, College to Universities.


Education Partners

Over 20 partners in Chinese Higher Education, excluding those universities in other countries.


Emergency Service

We offer superb customer service by 24/7. Don't wait. Contact us immediately.


The Bridge to Success LLC partners with following universities, and the names may change due to the increasing demands for English Teacher in Higher Education in China. Some of the names may not be listed due to the limited resources.

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