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Intern/Trainee Evaluation

How well do you feel the trainee accomplished the goals for the training? (rating scale: 5=excellent, 1=poor, N/A=not applicable to this student's training program. Select the number that describes how you feel)

1. Understand the process of conducting research.
2. Identify and define a relevant research problem.
3. Obtain information about a research topic in order to form a hypothesis (i.e., conduct literature review).
4. Design a research study (i.e., define variables of a study, determine appropriate statistical analysis, use computers for gathering, storing, and manipulating data).
5. Understand the safety and ethical issues in conducting research.
6. Conduct research.
7. Analyze data and present in written format.
8. Interpret data.
9. Write research reports and/or make research presentation.
10. Experience in the work environment of an academic research institution in the U.S.
11. Acquire the knowledge required for the training program.
12. Develop the skills required for the training program.
13. Dependable in accomplishing tasks, being on time for work, etc.
14. Attitude toward work.
15. English proficiency at the end of training program.
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