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The Bridge To Success serves as a bridge to facilitate the academic and education exchanges mainly between USA and China.

Global Jobs / Intern

What Job Opportunities Do We Offer?

We offer native language speakers mainly in Chinese Universities to teach English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, etc.
We also offer native language speakers to teach arts, sciences, humanities, engineering, and other subjects.

What Is Global Intern?

A Global Intern is an internship for students who want to explore opportunities overseas and gain experiences in a country other than their own.

Why Oversea Jobs / Intern?

Explore the Unknown
Tap unlimited potentials
Adapt oneself in a new country
Work, live and study independently
New challenges for Mind and vision
Evaluate himself/herself in a new culture
Test courage, talent and wisdom
Hone personal skills
Improve language skills
Go Sightseeing

What will you gain?

Have opportunities to see China or outside world
Gain teaching experiences in higher education different than Western
Take in new culture and see historic sites
Hone language and living skills
Open new window for career paths
May find new academic interests and new directions
Make new friends for rest of lives
Personal development for leadership, interpersonal skills and decision-making skills
Comparison between countries for personal benefits
Increase the maturity of culture inclusive awareness
Acquire confidence, talent and wisdom

What is the qualification?

Full time English teacher
1.   Criminal clearance.
2.   A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree is required.
3.   Have a solid knowledge in areas:

            Reading, Speaking, Composition or Literature.

4.   Experience in Teaching or on campus tutoring program.
5.   Basic computer skills.
6.   Knowledge of curriculum and assessment.
7.   Preferred candidate with BA/BS majoring in:

            English, Education, Linguistics, Writing, TESOL or any other majors with TESOL certificate.

8.   If your major is not the above listed with BA/BS or above, two years teaching or related teaching experiences are needed.
1.   Enrolled Junior, Senior, Master or Doctoral students.
2.   No criminal clearance.
3.   Qualified for either intern/practicum or study abroad for one semester.
4.   GPA 2.5 and above.
5.   Majoring in English, Education, TESOL or Linguistics are preferred.
6.   All other Liberal Arts majors are welcome.

What is the compensation?

Monthly income: RMB 6,000~ RMB 1,0000 for ten months a year from university
Free health insurance
Free Chinese course on campus
Free roundtrip flight tickets (one year) and up to RMB 2200 annual travel allowance
Free furnished apartment on campus
Free wifi
Free utilities
Free campus clinic visit
Free on campus Chinese Class
And much more for exploring

Why is it good for your program / department / university?

Expand your field placement bases
Raise your field placement level
Enrich your teaching contents
Create a new opportunity for your program’s recruitment
Elevate and extend your program’s influences overseas to China
Possible partnership with other universities in China
Increase your university’s overall enrollment
Understand better of the higher education system in China
Escalate the name of your program, your department and your university

Why do you need to work with us? (For Organization)

A seasoned, visionary, executive and strategic leader at higher international education in global setting
Experiences at higher education both in China and USA
Educated both in China and USA
Understand the pros and cons of higher education from both sides
Accomplished insight knowledge on functions and structure of higher education
Multicultural background and community engagement
Recognize the needs and expectations parents and students going abroad
Problem solver and solution provider
Furnish with superb and customer services
Good at communication with shareholders of various background
Familiar with international education and process

How can we build partnership?

Sign an agreement to show our commitment from both sides
The Bridge to success provides free consulting for internship and placement
Your program reconciles the efforts such as organize free on campus recruiting
Arrange on campus or skype interviewing
Business information sharing
Facilitate communication and connection, such as flyer dissemination and circulation

What is the Application Process?

1. Submit your application online from the website.
2. Send your resume, passport, diploma, TESOL/TEFL certificate to the email listed on website
3. Your application will be reviewed
4. If you are selected, a Skype interview will be scheduled
5. Your resume will be forwarded to employers for their review
6. Skype or wechat interview will be scheduled if you are chosen
7. If you are hired, employer will contact you directly with detailed instruction
8. You will need to prepare for documents to apply for work permit

What documentations are requested for work permit?

1. Scanned passport information page
2. Resume
3. Your personal information: marital status, religion, your home address, email box, your emergency contact person name and phone
4. Signed contract (provide by employer after being hired)
5. Education Diploma certified by Chinese Consulate
6. No-criminal record certified by Chinese Consulate
7. Physical examination record
8. Two (2) Recommendation Letters or Certificate for related teaching experiences
9. Digital passport photo (size between 50-100kb)
10. Any other documents employer may request

How do I get my Diploma/Certificate/No Criminal Record authenticated?

1. Find Chinese Embassy or Consulate serving your province or state
2. Visit the website for section Passport and Visa
3. Read the instructions carefully and follow the instruction EXACTLY before your visit
4. If notarization is needed, your Town Hall clerk, Bank, or any authority sources can notarize your diploma, certificate or no criminal record

How do I apply for visa?

1. If your work permit is approved, Congratulations!!!, you are ready for apply for visa
2. Bring all the documents listed for work permit including your work permit
3. Make an appointment with Chinese Embassy or Consulate
4. You will get your Visa (work visa Z type)

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The Bridge To Success serves as a bridge to facilitate the academic and education exchanges mainly between USA and China.