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We are seeking various subject teachers for educational organizations.


  • This web platform is managed and owned by the Bridge to Success LLC. We are currently located in the USA and cooperate with many outstanding Universities & Colleges globally.

    We provide an excellent and complete solution for the needs of both applicants and employers. Our outstanding services will not only meet your needs and expectations but match the most suitable candidate between applicants and employers.

    We warmly welcome you on board.

    If you are an applicant who wishes to utilize your knowledge and skills to help an organization, please register and disclose your language proficiency as well as your education background. We will then match you with a suitable employer.

    If you are an employer seeking qualified teachers to enhance your language and other subject proficiencies within your organization; please register and share your requirements, benefits and compensations. We will then select the most suitable applicant from our pool of qualified candidates.

    We also plan to provide the provision of online teaching as well. If an applicant cannot move overseas to work, he/she can teach from home.

    The Bridge to Success LLC is dedicated in bridging the needs and expectations gap between both applicants and employers.



Mr. Michael Jiang, President,
Education Recruitment Specialist

  • The Bridge to Success, LLC is a team of students and university administrators who want to bridge the gap between and eastern and western education. This team is led by President, Michael Jiang.

    Michael had been educated both in China and in the US. He is very familiar with higher education in both countries, is acquainted with expectations from faculty, staff and students on both sides. Michael Jiang taught at Renmin University, a prestigious university in China, understands the Chinese higher education system very well. He also led International Programs at Lamar University and the University of West Georgia. He understands the trend, challenges and opportunities in global higher education. Michael has the global strategic vision, international higher education experiences, as well as knowledge of rules and regulations; he is furnished with interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, talent and wisdom to collaborate and cooperate with constituents from diverse backgrounds.

    There are lot of young bright new graduates who want to broaden their international vision, hone their international cultural skills, and prepare themselves to be the world leaders. He wants to bridge the gap demands from both sides for their mutual success.

    The Bridge to Success was created to rectify the demands, serve the people, and assist global leaders to be successful.

Advisory Board

  • The Bridge to Success LLC Advisory Council is composed of a group of placed English teachers. The goal of the Advisory Council is to assemble experiences, suggestions and lessons to enhance our services, enrich and broaden our vision to better serve our clients.

    * Advisory board is sorted by first name.

Adam Swan

California State University, Fresno

Benjamin Lee Culpepper

James Madison University

Jamillah Sleiman

Wichita State University

Joleen Samantha Edwards

University of the West Indies, Mona

Omarie Morgan

University Of The West Indies, Mona

Shanice Scott

University Of The West Indies, Mona