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How to prepare self introductory video?

Michael Jiang
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The self introductory video is very important for your employment opportunity. Before the formal interview with employer, your resume, passport, diploma or TESOL/TEFL certificate as well as the video will be shared with employer for review.

1. Your application will be reviewed and evaluated among the search group

2. If you are selected for iinterview, the key index will be your self introductory video. 

How to prepare your self introductory video and make it impressive to the potential employer?

1. The video should be about 60 seconds and the size is less than 25 MB

2. Draft a script of or about 150 words, edit and revise and polish to make sure every single word is needed

3. Dress professionally or formally to match the role you are going to play in classroom

4. Review the video by yourself or your friend or your family, get feedback, then make improvement.

5. Right mouse click--> send to ---> compressed zip folder , then upload it to your application.