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About Company

Zhejiang Normal University
No. 688 Yingbin Ave, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China 321004

Job Description

  1. Bachelor's degree or higher
  2. Native speaker of English
  3. Applicants with TESOL/TEFL/Eng1ish/Eng1ish Education degree, or have an English teacher qualification Certificate, or have a 120-hour TEFL/TESOL/TESL certificate, or at least 2 years' teaching experience.
  4. Courses include: College English, Oral English, English Writing, Survey of English-Speaking Countries, and some others.
  5. Workload: 14-16 periods of teaching per week (one period is 40 minutes).
  6. Contract Term: Depending on the courses taught, the contract period is from September 1 or October 1, to June 30, the next year.

Job Benefits

1. Salary Bachelor's degree: starting at 6,000 yuan/month Master's degree: starting at 6,500 yuan/month Doctoral degree: starting at 8,000 yuan/month 2. Airfare subsidy 10,000 yuan/year 3. Water and electricity subsidy 300 yuan/month 4. Travel subsidy 1100 yuan/semester 5. A well-furnished, free apartment is provided by the university 6. Health insurance package 7. Free Chinese courses offered

Job Information

Status: Expired No of vacancies: 5 Job type: Job level: Entry level Years of experience: 2 years or TEFL/TESOL (120 hours) certificate Salary: RMB6000 - RMB6500 / Publish date: 13 Oct 2020

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