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About Company

Gansu Agriculture University
No. 1 Lingmen Chun, Anning District, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China

Job Description

  1. Has the Bachelor\'s degrees or Master\'s of English language or Literature, translation, Linguistic, linguistic language teaching or other relative majors, and two years of relative working experience or TESOL/TEFL Certificate.
  2. Aged less than 60 and with a good health condition. Should have no criminal record. Knowledge about Chinese culture is preferred.
  3. Give 14-16 periods of lessons a week (45 mins a period} and should not take any part time job out of Gansu Agricultural University
  4. Should respect China\'s policies on religion, moral standards and customs, and shall not conduct any activity incompatible with the status of a foreign expert.

Job Benefits

1. Monthly salary of a Bachelor will be RMB 7000; for a Master will be RMB 7200; for a Doctor and a Professor will be RMB 7400; 2. Gansu Agricultural University will provide teacher with a set of apartment during the term of employment with a sitting room, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen (TV, telephone, internet access, computer, printer, hot water machine, washing machine, and refrigerator)as well as foreign teacher's office 3. If the contract duration lasts a school year, University will reimburse a round trip international ticket for teacher with a maximum reimbursement of RMB 9100. Teacher should pay for the exceeding pat on their own. If teacher cannot provide reimbursement credentials e-ticket and barding card), University will pay Party B RMB 9100 (before tax) as allowance at one time at the end of annual contract. 4. University will buy insurance for teacher from PingAn insurance Company, and pay for resident perniit (RMB 400) 5. Teacher enjoys the winter and summer vacations a well as legal hold as in China according to the regulations of Gansu Agricultural University.

Job Information

Status: Expired No of vacancies: 5 Job type: Job level: Entry level Years of experience: 0-2 Salary: RMB7000 - RMB7400 / Publish date: 16 Oct 2020

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