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About Company

Changzhou Institute of Technology
1 Wushan Rd, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

Job Description

  1. From English-speaking Country with at least 2 years teaching experience.
  2. Aliens belonging to any Of the following categories are not required teaching                                      (a)Aliens holding Bachelor degree Or above of Education or English language major;             (b)Aliens  have TEFL, TESOL ,TESL certificates
  3. Academic Degree should be or Master or Doctor
  4. Aged from 22-60
  5. Teach 16-20 periods per week
  6. Part-time job is not allowed without permission from Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT)

Job Benefits

1. Monthly salary will be RMB 7000-9000 before tax. 2. A round trip airplane ticket (Economy class) is reimbursed for a one-school year duration contract, a single trip airplane ticket (Economy class) is reimbursed for a one-term duration contract. 3. CIT (Changzhou Institute of Technology) offers RMB 2200 as travelling allowance for a one-school year duration RMB 1100 for a one-term duration 4. CIT offers a subsidy of 300 RMB per to cover gas, hot water, and electricity 5, CIT offers free apartments with all necessary facilities including air-conditioner, computer with internet, printer, microwave, water heater, fridge, shmver, wash machine, cooking facilities. and 24/7 hot Water, and gas. 6. Foreign teachers can attend Chinese class for free , 7. CIT buy insurance for teachers from Pingan Company, and pay for resident permit and physical in China. g. All holiday (winter and summer veations as well as legal holidays in China) during the employment is paid. 9, Foreign teachers can attend a one-day trip to cities nearby once a term for free.

Job Information

Status: Expired No of vacancies: 1 Job type: Job level: Entry level Years of experience: 2 Salary: RMB7000 - RMB9000 / Publish date: 26 Oct 2020

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