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About Company

Jingchu University of Science and Technology
JInagzhou, Hubei

Job Description

o BA degree or with two years of teaching experiences or TESOL/TEFL certificate,
o No criminal record; Knowledge of Chinese culture is preferred,
o L6 periols of lessons a week (45 mins a period), no part time job is allowed
off campus,
o Chinese government Culture, laws and regulations should be observed,
o Native English speaker is preferred,
o Major in English/Linguistics/Education is preferred.

Job Benefits

o The teacher is paid RMB 10000/Month (Additional RMB 400/month if you work for another year), o Free furnished apartment is provided with all the necessary appliance, o Utilities maximum allowance is 4000 a year, o Reimbursement of international flight tickets will be RMB15000lyear o Free Health Insurance, o Free resident card and foreign expert certificate application, o Winter and summer vacations as well as holidays are enjoyed in China, an allowance of RMB 2200 for traveling during summer and winter break.

Job Information

Status: Open No of vacancies: 2 Job type: On Campus Years of experience: 2 Salary: RMB10000 /Per Hour Publish date: 03 Jul 2021 Expire in: 3 months

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