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[Sticky] How does it work? (A short guide to job application with the Bridge to Success)

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Rose-Ann Murray
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Hello again fellow foreign teacher (or foreign teacher to be), 😏

Whether you are very new to this or are an old hand at job applications, I am sure you are wondering what the process is here at the Bridge to Success. Not to worry I can share a little bit of my perspective on how it works.


Step 1: Create a profile on the website, this is a simple process and if you are a little bit confused consult the How to Register on the Bridge to Success Website forum post.


Step 2: An interview with Mr. Jiang; depending on how you were referred this step may come before or after website registration. Here you will have a skype meeting with the founder of the Bridge to Success.( it is best here to dress as if you were physical attending an interview) 


Step 3: An interview with perspective employers; depending on the time of year of your application this next step may take some time. Mr. Jiang or whomever you encounter from the Bridge to Success will show you some offers from various schools, if you express interest then an interview will be scheduled. ( it is best here to dress as if you were physical attending an interview)


Step 4: An offer! 🤩   If a school is satisfied with you after the interview they will communicate to the Bridge to Success that they wish to offer you a job, from here Mr. Jiang or whomever you contact at the Bridge to success will direct you to the next steps, you can also refer to my previous post You've Been Offered a Job Now What?


There you have it, the Bridge to Success will take care of the process of searching for potential positions at no cost to you. This process ensures that you are matched with employers best suited to your skills and teaching preference. The Bridge to Success is as the name says a “bridge”. Where language and distance can seem a large obstacle to applying for a job in Asia, there need be no worries there! The Bridge to Success will handle it for you.



That’s all for now, if you have more questions, feel free to ask them below! 😉 

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Dean van Heerde
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It seems like a positive start-up venture, and certainly right timing in respect of the covid situation and of course for current teachers within China looking to move schools or cities. 
All the best!