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Hi! I am a licensed professional teacher in the Philippines. I also got an American Teaching License of advanced standing for International English.
I am just wondering if you are accepting Non-native speakers.

I got almost 4 years teaching experience in teaching language both online and in face-to-face setting.
Your response would be highly appreciated.

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Michael Jiang
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Ken, thank you very much for your posting.

Yes, you raised a good questions. According to the Chinese government regulations. Native English speakers are required. However, the in real practice, non-native English speakers were also employed.

One university in Nanchang just hired a Filipino Teacher, Mr. OCA, who arrived in China just for two weeks and started to teach.

From our practice and understanding, the employers want to hire teachers with good English (pronunciation is the most important factor).

Thank you again for your sharing your thought, we appreciate it very much.